As a 30 year industry veteran, I have never seen anything this amazing or this powerful. If you need NOW money and want to help the most people from anywhere on earth, this is where you need to be.

Version 2.0 (as of 01/31/2017) has been released and the site is amazing. The FREE marketing and advertising tools will blow you away. Let’s go!

Tip: Build a team of just 14 total members and you’ll be looking at a residual income stream of nearly $300.00 per month. Bam!!!

We have an opportunity here that can change lives in a matter of weeks for a one-time out of pocket investment of 0.05 Bitcoin (BTC). Don’t get caught up in what BTC is, just know that this a game changer and an opportunity you need to be in regardless of anything else you’re in now. Everyone is guaranteed to earn. This opportunity is 100% global and please… don’t worry about all the nuts and bolts of what BTC is. We will show you how to fund your BTC wallet.

In a nutshell, Fund My Cause (FMC) is a legal Crowdfunding system that allow us to contribute to “other” people’s causes. That cause can be to pay off bills, to clear some debt, to open a youth center, to open a traditional business, to travel the world, to buy FutureNet matrix positions and/or ad packs, to buy Vasayo autoship products, to pay rent, to buy a car or anything else a cause is for. Where else can you invest a one-time $55.00 (approximately) and leverage that into tens of thousands of dollars each month?

FMC is “global” with no borders. No matter where you live, if you have an Internet connection and 0.05 in Bitcoin, you can get started immediately. Don’t have BTC, no worries, I can help you trade dollars using PayPal or your Credit Card in exchange for BTC’s digital currency.

I believe FMC can become one of the biggest transfer of wealth opportunities in the history of mankind.


Question:  How would you like to contribute to the cause of up to 6 people (over time), but have up to 126 people contributing to “YOUR” cause every month?  Yes… I know… it’s remarkable.


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Make sure the top of the page shows “You Are Sponsored by Jeffrey Mckenna”

Note:  You won’t be contributing to me personally on your first contribution, but you will be a vital part of Team Global Impact.  Your initial 0.05 BTC contribution will go to the cause of the person you fall under.  Good luck and Godspeed!

Last Updated: 01/30/2017