Fund My Cause


As a 30 year industry veteran, I have never seen anything this amazing or this powerful.  We have an opportunity here that can change lives in a matter of weeks for a one-time out of pocket investment of 0.05 Bitcoin (BTC).  Don’t get caught up in what BTC is, just know that this a game changer and an opportunity you need to be in regardless of anything else you’re in now.  Everyone is guaranteed to earn.  This opportunity is 100% global.

In a nutshell, Fund My Cause (FMC) is a legal Crowdfunding system that allow us to contribute to “other” people’s causes.  That cause can be to pay off bills, to clear some debt, to open a youth center, to open a traditional business, to travel the world, to buy FutureNet matrix positions and/or ad packs, to buy Vasayo autoship products, to pay rent, to buy a car or anything else a cause is for.  Where else can you invest a one-time $50.00 to $??.00 and leverage that into tens of thousands of dollars each month?

FMC is “global” with no borders.  No matter where you live, if you have an Internet connection and 0.05 in Bitcoin, you can get started immediately.

I believe FMC can become is one of the biggest transfer of wealth opportunities in the history of mankind.

Question:  How would you like to contribute to the cause of up to 6 people (over time), but have up to 126 people contributing to “YOUR” cause every month?  Yes… I know… it’s remarkable.

If you’ve ever heard of GoFundMe, it’s a Crowdfunding platform that allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to basically request FREE money.  If someone is ill, needs their car repaired, wants to start a business or has some kind of family emergency, they can create a GoFundMe account and collect an unlimited amount of FREE money.  People who want to donate to that cause are welcome to do so, no questions asked.  The recipient gets every penny of those donations, minus what I believe is a 20% fee that GoFundMe keeps as their part or commission for helping you collect that money.

Fund My Cause works in the same way as far as Crowdfunding goes, but we contribute to the same 6 people over and over, month after month to ensure they have continued income to help their cause.  And because we do that, people below us in our organization will send “us” contributions to ensure “our” causes remain in good standings.  Boom!

The Magic of 14 Total Members:

When you get your 2, help those 2 get their 2 and help them get their 2, you will fill up you first 3 levels with 14 members.  This will generate a residual income of $315.00+ dollars per month.  Make it a goal that as soon as you enroll, that you get your 2 and get to a team of 14 members as fast as possible.  The $315.00+ is just the beginning of what’s possible.

If you need NOW money, meaning, money you can collect immediately, this is the place to be as each contribution is made member-to-member.  FMC is a member-to-member direct pay contribution system that only uses Bitcoin (BTC), a digital currency that is globally popular and becoming more and more in demand.  Bitcoin is also the most valuable digital currency in the market today.  Members will contribute in Bitcoin and receive contributions in Bitcoin.

Tip:  You break even as soon as just 1 person falls below you.  This person can come from you or someone above you.   Let’s get you 1 ASAP to earn your investment back.

Members are paid immediately and members keep 100% of the received donations.  This is an opportunity that can take a one-time 0.05 Bitcoin (BTC) and turn that into thousands of dollars in a few days or in just a few weeks.  How fast we build as a “team” will decide how fast we get contributions.  If you’re not helping with your own cause by bringing in 2 people, it will take you that much longer to earn because someone else has to find those 2 people for you.  Don’t put all the work and pressure on others in the team.  Please do your part.

When you understand the massive “residual” benefits (explained below), I believe you will do whatever it takes to build a 2 x 6 forced matrix team of 126 people.  I am not aware of any other “legal” crowdfunding opportunity that can pay us over $60,000.00 per month on a one-time $50.00 to $??.00 contribution.  No hype here and math never lies.

WHAT IS FUND MY CAUSE (Readers Digest Version):

FUND MY CAUSE VIDEO PRESENTATION: (Corporate Video – Not Personal Video).


Personally sponsoring is not required, but why would you be here if you’re not willing to help your own cause?   Your cause is important, so do your part to personally sponsor a minimum of 2 people (no matter how long that take some).  Even if you get 2 in spillover, be sure to get your 2 to help someone else, just like someone else helped you.  If everyone does that, the money will show up.  If you sponsor more than 2, great…, you’ll help someone else receive a contribution, which in turn will push a contribution up to you.

What Does It Cost:

  1. A one-time out of pocket 0.05 Bitcoin (BTC).  Depending on the Bitcoin rate, it will be somewhere between $50.00 and $70.00.  All upgrades after your initial contribution will be paid using the contributions you receive.

Securing Your Position:

The best thing anyone can do in a forced matrix is to secure a position.  You can do that by signing up with the link provided to you.  All new signups are positioned by a date and time stamp, so once you’re in the system, you will have up to 48 hours to make your first contribution.  As long as you make your first contribution inside your first 48 hours, you will keep the spot you got when you signed up.  If you fail to make your first contribution inside the first 48 hours, your account will get purged out and you will have to start all over again.  Starting over means you forever lost the position you “could” have had.

What Do You Need:

  1. A Fund My Cause account (Registration Link at Bottom of Page).  If you already have someone you’re working with, please sign up using the link he/she gives you.
  2. A free Blockchain account (
  3. A free Coinbase or Circle account to buy/sell Bitcoin.
  4. A commitment to personally sponsor 2 people ASAP.  2 hours to 2 days would be great.

How To Setup Create Your Blockchain Wallet:

How to Create and Manage Multiple Member Keys Using One Blockchain Account:

How to Fund Your Coinbase Account and Transfer Funds to Your Blockchain Account:

How To Contribute / Upgrade To Next Level In Fund My Cause:

We Contribute / Donate / Pay Up:

When we upgrade from stage 1 to stage 6, we are contributing to members above us.  When you make your initial stage 1 contribution, you pay the person directly above you because that person is 1 position level above you.  When you make your stage 2 contribution, you will pay the person 2 levels (position) above you and when you eventually make your stage 6 contribution, you will pay the person 6 levels above you.  We will contribute to the same 6 people over and over and over, just like the 126 people below you will contribute to you over and over and over.

How You’re Paid:

  1. Level 1 members (2 each) pay “you” their level 1 contribution (0.05 BTC x 2) monthly.
  2. Level 2 members (4 each) pay “you” their level 2 contribution (0.05 BTC x 4) monthly.
  3. Level 3 members (8 each) pay “you” their level 3 contribution (0.1 BTC x 8) monthly.
  4. Level 4 members (16 each) pay “you” their level 4 contribution (0.2 BTC x 16) monthly.
  5. Level 5 members (32 each) pay “you” their level 5 contribution (0.5 BTC x 32) monthly.
  6. Level 6 members (64 each) pay “you” their level 6 contribution (1.0 BTC x 64) monthly.

Tip:  The most you’ll ever contribute is 1.9 BTC, but you can receive up to 84.3 BTC.  This can happen monthly.  84.3 BTC at a rate of $725.00 for 1.0 BTC is $61,117.50.  BOOM!


How The Residual Works (Powerful):

You will see a timer in your dashboard.  This timer will remind you when you need to make the next contribution, based on when you made the last contribution for the same level.  This timer will appear 5 days prior to the day you go into arrears.  If you upgrade on the day that you see the reminder, you will get 5 days added to the next upgrade since you upgraded early.  Please upgrade as soon as you see the reminder button.  Do not wait, because life gets busy and you can forget and lose a lot of money by not being qualified to get paid on that level.

Example:  You made your first contribution on 01 June to the person directly above you in the matrix.  A month from that date, such as 01 July or just prior to that, you will be prompted to make another contribution the same member.  When you make a contribution to advance to level 2, you will be prompted again in 30 days from that date to make another contribution to the same person you paid for your level 2 upgrade 30 days ago.  The same will happen to those below you.  They will be reminded to contribute to YOU when their time is due.  You will NEVER use your own out of pocket money again… all contributions will come from the contributions you received.

What Does 84.3 Bitcoins Look Like:

The chance of Bitcoin ever getting below $500.00 would be a stretch, so I’m going to show a guide below on how much 84.3 Bitcoins would be worth based on the value of 1.0 Bitcoin.  We can receive contributions “up to” 84.3 Bitcoins per month, so use the guide below to see your income potential.

  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $500.00 per 1.0 BTC = $42,150.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $600.00 per 1.0 BTC = $50,580.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $700.00 per 1.0 BTC = $59,010.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $750.00 per 1.0 BTC = $63,225.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $800.00 per 1.0 BTC = $67,440.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $850.00 per 1.0 BTC = $71,655.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $900.00 per 1.0 BTC = $75,870.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $950.00 per 1.0 BTC = $80,085.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $1,000.00 per 1.0 BTC = $84,300.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $1,250.00 per 1.0 BTC = $105,375.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $1,500.00 per 1.0 BTC = $126,450.00 monthly potential.
  • 84.3 Bitcoins at $2,000.00 per 1.0 BTC = $168,600.00 monthly potential.

With all that income potential, we will never pay more than 1.9 Bitcoins per month.  Wow!

Tip:  $83,333.33 per month is $1,000,000.00 per year in passive income.  Money that you can spend in many big box stores, online and other… and it’s money you own free and clear and it’s money that you’ll never have to report or pay taxes on.

How Each Level Pays YOU:

As each level below you fills in and those members upgrade, here is how you can expect to be paid as each level upgrades.  I am going to base the numbers on 1.0 BTC being at $750.00.

Easy Money: If you get contributions from levels 1, 2 and 3 each month, which 98% of all members can achieve in their few weeks, you will bring home $825.00 every month.  If you bring in contributions from levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 each month, you will bring home $3,225.00.  I’ll go one step further and show what happens when levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 all upgrade each month.  Your income will be $15,225.00.  Getting contributions from levels 1-4 is something most people can do in their first 60 days, so let’s all focus on getting our teams built and drawing in level 4 contributions as quickly as possible.

  1. Level 1 – 0.10 BTC = $75.00
  2. Level 2 – 0.20 BTC = $150.00
  3. Level 3 – 0.80 BTC = $600.00
  4. Level 4 – 3.20 BTC = $2,400.00
  5. Level 5 – 16.0 BTC = $12,000.00
  6. Level 6 – 64.0 BTC = $48,000.00

Tip: Total is $63,225.00 when all 6 levels have made their contribution to YOU.

Official Fund My Cause Facebook Group:

Joining the Official Fund My Cause Facebook group is totally optional.  I will not add you, but you are welcome to add yourself.  I have enough to do to manage our Team Global Impact group.


  1. Build with speed and urgency.
  2. Build a triangle.  See notes below.
  3. PLEASE DON’T SIT BACK waiting for someone to build your team.  The best way to ensure your team is building is to bring in your 2 and help those 2 bring in their 2.
  4. Focus on building your 2 x 6 matrix as fast as possible.  Don’t sign up and sit back waiting to see what everyone else is doing.  Build with purpose.  Get your 2 in 1-2 days and help those 2 do the same.
  5. Earn $825.00 per month by focusing on your 8 level 3 members.  Help those 8 members get to stage 3 in your first month and you’ll have a residual income of $825.00 or more every month.
  6. Earn $3,200.00 per month by focusing on your 16 level 4 members.  Help those 16 members get to stage 4 in your first for second month and you’ll have a residual income of $3,200.00 or more every month.
  7. Enroll people who are 100% committed to bring in their 2.  DO NOT SETTLE and do not enroll people who you already know will not duplicate or take this seriously.
  8. Enroll your spouse or significant other first (if you have one).  This is an amazing way to double dip.  You can use the same Blockchain account to fund and receive contributions for multiple accounts.  If you enroll your spouse or significant other, please do your best to enroll 2 members under your account and 2 members under your spouse or significant other’s account.  Gotta be fair.
  9. Sponsor like crazy.  It’s a 2 x 6 “forced” matrix, so anyone you add is a benefit to you and others on your team.  If you can bring in 10+ members, do it.  Everyone benefits.
  10. It takes about an hour for an upgrade to process, so use that hour to bring in 2.  Once your initial contribution is complete, you’ll be able to see your link and start promoting.
  11. If it takes you and everyone in your team a week to bring in 2 people, you will fill up your 2 x 6 matrix with 126 people in 6 weeks or less.  What if you could do that in 6 days?   All it takes is you getting 2 people to contribute a one-time $50.00 – $70.00as fast as you can and helping those 2 do the same.  Those 2 will get a lot back for their cause as this process is duplicated.
  12. You can invite family and friends by email straight from the back office.  Once invited, that person will have 48 hours to make a 0.05 BTC contribution or lose valuable placement.

Building A Triangle:

One of the best things you can do to “really” kick in the income is to create a triangle.  That means you would create 2 personal positions under your main position “immediately” after you sign up.  It will cost you a one-time out of pocket 0.10 BTC to secure your main spot and the 2 below you and this strategy will create 3 “personal” income streams.  This is a huge power move that should be given serious consideration.  We “are” allowed to have multiple positions and there is NO age limit on who has the account(s).  Each account must have a unique username, but all other info can be the same, such as the phone number and email.  What you name them (username) is up to you, but it’s to your benefit to do this.

Paying It Forward:

Just like building a triangle for “yourself”, which would allow you to earn on 3 positions, you can also try a pay-it-forward option.  After all, that’s what we are all here for anyway.  We are all here to continue to pay-it-forward.  We will bless the lives of up to 6 people with our own donations and because of that, 126 people will bless us with their contributions.

It will take a one-time 0.10 BTC to do this.  You would invest 0.05 BTC to upgrade yourself to stage 1 and then you would pay-it-forward to 2 loved one’s of your choice (family or friends) to get them started.

You will use that second 0.05 BTC to upgrade the 2 you’re helping.

As you upgrade these 2 people, you will be paying yourself back since their upgrade contribution will go directly to you, minus $0.11 – $0.24 or so in fees for each transaction.

Tip:  You want to do this “immediately” after enrolling.  If not, you risk getting spillover and that would mess up this strategy.

Once you get those 2 in place, you will use the 0.05 you still have in your blockchain to advance to stage 2.  You should pay-it-forward in hours after signing up.

Tip:  Do not do this with “your 2” unless you get a commitment that he/she will do the same thing you did for them in their first few hours.  1 day max.  This is all about speed and duplication.

This strategy will drive massive depth and allow you to build quickly.  When you start getting stage 3, 4, 5 and 6 upgrade contributions, you’ll be blown away at the money you’ll be earning, over and over and over.

How You Get and Spend Your Bitcoin (BTC):

  1. Make sure you have a Coinbase account.
  2. Make sure you have your Shift Visa card.
  3. As you earn BTC from FMC, send BTC earnings over to your Coinbase account.
  4. When you need money, sent BTC from Coinbase account to your Shift Visa card.  The Shift Visa card will convert the BTC to US Dollars and allow you to use that Visa just like any other Visa.
  5. Spend your little heart out.

How To Enroll / Signup (Corporate Video):

Get with the person who invited you to this page for an enrollment link and get going immediately.  The money potential for you on a residual basis is life changing.